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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
5:30 pm - DUDE


im writing in livejournal yo this is wild

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Monday, November 22nd, 2010
11:20 am - Run-ins with Maya
The woman I sit next to at Assouline is a tool, but I think I snapped her out of it. Here are our interactions, in order since I started working here.


Maya: If youre not doing anything you could help me.
Me: Really, do you have something for me?
Maya: Abso-fuckin-lutely.
Maya via Email: Can you figure out a way to print these photographs in color please?
Me via Email: It looks like google books restricts printing. I'm not sure if you already knew that but I don't think there's a way I can print this book except for downloading hacking programs which i'm not sure I have authorization for. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Maya: Don’t you just take a screenshot?
Me: A screenshot? I thought I’d have to hack google books.
Maya: Oh I’LL just do it, we wouldn’t want you to get ARRESTED.


Me: :::puts sock puppet portrait on desk:::
Me: It’s a sock puppet, I just think it’s funny.
Maya: :::COLD STARE:::


Maya: :::bops me over the head with a stack of papers:::
Me: Uhhhh.............
Me: Uh no, but it’s just like,, what the fuck.


Me: :::puts small plastic African-american baby figurine in Maya’s purse:::
Maya: :::goes to lunch, comes back and says nothing despite HAVING to know I put it there:::


Maya: How do you spell---
Me: what?
Maya: Nothing.


Maya: :::spills tea all over her desk, exclaiming wildly:::
Me: I’ll go get some paper towels. :::brings some back::
Maya: This isn’t gonna be enough.
Me: :::brings more back:::
Maya: thanks. :::10 minutes later offers me pretzels:::

Maya: :::in passing::: Hi peanut.


I swear that the minute I put that baby in her purse, this bitch hasn’t been the same kind of bitch.

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
11:47 pm
Each new man is a kind of fresh egg that I throw on the floor in hopes of getting an omelette. Each more perfect than the last, and hungered for.

I get up, brush off, to finally stand on sturdy legs in the middle of the market, everyone zooming around me, to get more.

They were bad seeds, friends would say. Bedsheets pool around me, waters far from any shore.

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Monday, February 8th, 2010
4:23 pm - It

1.) It is a series. It is a series of kills.
2.) The heart, the mind, the voice all hung up and dripping.
3.) Today was: a blow to the ear by a big bony-knuckled fist (if other days are mean-spirited trips and jabs and hocked spit)
4.) You can still hear the ringing, though you are not made of metal. You are made of something too soft to stay.
5.) So, what is the opposite of a robot?
6.) When the boss tells you to do something you are horrified by the potential for failure.
7.) You are confounded by the automatic floor cleaning device you are supposed to read the instructions to, set up and run regularly. It has dust on it. Do you clean the dust? You start to clean the dust and don't finish. Sit back down. Avoid it.
8.) Can't move.
9.) The frought thoughts default to: bed.
10.) I think I want to go on disability.
11.) There is a sense of The Whole Thing.
12.) People can go lower than zero and go still lower. There is no absolute zero. In high school criminal justice we learned about a killer that put parts of his victims in yogurt containers. There is probably even a low below that. Not everyone keeps height in their sights.
13.) The word mood sounds like things underwater and sort of swimming but not really.
14.) Everyone else is a them. Legitimate and progressing nicely.
15.) Then again, there is no "everyone else" in sight.
16.) The system got messed up but it's too much work to fix it.
17.) There was a person people once knew. This person was something like holy and brought electricity and fuel and fire to groups of primitive people. This made everyone's life easy. Then the resources cut out and the person stopped showing up.
18.) It hurts.
19.) A womb with no view.
20.) Trabajo. Travail.
21.) It doesn't care how many friends you've got or how successful you are at doing whatever.
22.) The deeper you dig, the harder to get out. The harder to get out, the deeper you dig.
23.) If you question how it works, you're not a member.
24.) Abandon ship.
25.) I quit(?)
26.) I messed up and said I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so sorry god why did I do that I'm so stupid I'm so sorry.
27.) Hang in there.
28.) The head hanging by the last thread of the ability to reason means suspension such that the slightest touch will send it into a tailspin.
29.) And the last thread is certainly not of spiderweb or fishingline.
30.) Get it out of me.
31.) Unfortunately there is no such thing as a brain transplant, or a brain enhancement operation.
32.) We want it out of us.
33.) We feel there's a hole in the bucket and we don't have the funds to fix it. Ashes of everything we've destroyed rain down. Oh and it rains for weeks, or else there's a constant threat of rain.
34.) An urge to curse.
35.) Production is for machines.
36.) Bruisable flowers (gray).
37.) How a girl's high cheekbones can make someone else weep in public.
38.) There is a random children's book in my head sometimes and all i can remember is "strawberry jelly has seeds. my mommy always gives me grape." and it sticks in my throat and chokes me.
39.) Everything chokes us.
40.) When I was little and choked they'd pick me up and slap me on the back in a downward motion till whatever it was would fall to the ground by gravity. What about now, what is It?
41.) I will invent a place where you don protective wear and throw wine bottles at a cement wall.
42.) I will invent a place where you don't need protective wear.
43.) I will invent a place where you don't need anything.
44.) I will invent a place where you don't.
45.) Hang in there. Through the deep disruptive rumbling.
46.) If you question how it works, you're not a member.
47.) I heard once, it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game. I'm on the sidelines gripping my own arms.
48.) I heard once, "it's a dangerous thing, being born."
49.) Somewhere are stars fixed in their pattern.
50.) I wouldn't wish It on anybody.

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Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
10:43 am - QUOTES FROM 2005
"This is one...evil looking bad guy." -tiana, holding an Enchanted Princess-shaped fruit snack upside down so that it looked remarkably like a death skull

Me: It's weird how Earth is the most developed planet
Tiana: No, other planets are pretty developed too
Me: Yeah but they don't have like, tax attorneys and starburst
Tiana: (pee)

"put the sound down on that shizzle." -my dad
"SHIZZLE??????????????????" - my mom

First two things I hear when I walk in the door tonight at 3 without having called:

"Why didn't you call me?" -my mom, pale as hell, with a frightening, homicidal tone to her voice, in freakily quiet madness on the couch

"Adriana.....you're done. Call your friends, you're moving to Boston. I want you gone by this weekend. Take money out of your college account. Go. Get in your car and drive there." -my dad in a teary fit of blind rage

"Dad, I can like, tell when you're bluffing." -me, being an asshole (secretly praying he'll enforce the punishment of LIVING IN BOSTON WITH CAROLYN AND LAURA.)

"I'm serious. Go. I wantcha outta here. I've had enough." -my dad (being even less serious than before)

"Okay?????? then I'll go to BOSTON, yo." -me, forgetting not to say "yo"

New quotes from 2010:

black man on the street: BEAUTIFUL. And he better be good to you!
me: ::chuckle::
man: IS he???
me: :::desperate 'i don't know' face::: There's no one.

Me to my boss while returning the company card: spank you.

"we got onderdonked." -Eva, when the domino's on Onderdonk Ave failed to deliver our pizza.

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Monday, July 27th, 2009
9:17 pm - disregard
7/25 Sticker Locations:

Tompkins Square Park
7 and A
2 and A
St. Mark's and A
9th and A
12th and A
1st and Essex
Ludlow and Rivington
Allen and Delancey
Stanton and Orchard
1st and Houston
4th and 1st
4th and 2nd
Washington Square Park South
Washington Square Park North
6th and 6th
Macdougal and 3rd
Macdougal and Minetta

7/26 Sticker Locations:

14th and C
14th and B
14th and A
14th and 1st
14th and 2nd
14th between 2nd and 3rd
14th and 3rd
14th between 3rd and 4th
14th and 4th
14th and University
14th between University and 5th
14th and 5th
14th between 5th and Broadway
14th and Broadway
14th between Broadway and 6th
14th and 6th
14th between 6th and 7th
14th and 7th
14th between 7th and 8th
14th and 8th

7/25: 7:00p-12a = 5 hours
7/26: 1:30p-6:30p = 5 hours

7/26: $4.50 Subway Rides, $10.00 Disposable Camera =14.50

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
7:42 pm
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Between You and Nicolas Gauchat

Nicolas Gauchat October 6 at 10:37pm
what did you talk about with Silverman?

Adriana DiGennaro October 6 at 11:44pm

I was playing it super nonchalant like whatever shes just any old person, i think i barely looked at her, and i think on some level this irked her,

because she went up next to me and showed me her phone and said "i can't believe this is working!"

I was like "Yeah sometimes it works randomly?!?!" or something. we were both all like...wow !

then she got off the train and my crew was all slackjawed not from sarah silverman but because they were high, so we had to repeat what just happened, and were like, dude thats FUCKED up.

later i wikipediaed her: "sarah silverman does not drink alcohol, saying it makes her feel nauseous. She is seen smoking pot ostensibly in the movie Super High Me. Sarah claims to owe her quality of life to Zoloft, having battled depression for years. She says (of the depression) that she does not want to have kids lest they inherit her disease." needless to say im obsessed with her now.

i love you gauchat!!! i hope youre well. call me sometime ::double snap finger guns::::

Nicolas Gauchat November 18 at 12:30am
How's writing poems and such?

Adriana DiGennaro Today at 7:40pm
great i have to write one for you still. we have to hang out with furrs and get drinks yes. and ill remember fun things about our old life together as supervisor and protege.

i love ur default pic of u and ur bro, its so psychological, youre like higher than him, and his pale leg and butt are out, and youre reaching highest for the ball. lololololol.

also i feel amazing not toiling in an office. i lost ten pounds and have a better relationship with vices. i get to take naps when im tired at 3 pm. i sleep late as i want. i also party at least 2x a week and living in yonkers is ill because all my best friends live in westchester, at least my east coast bests.

i have an overarching sense of being big in a small world whereas before i felt small in a big world...of pain and toil.

i hope you and laura bandel are good, tell her shes my baby cat

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Monday, November 17th, 2008
8:45 am - "I do not drink water."
"My name is Mel. I'm 21 years old. I live in New York. I've been here since i was born and i have no plans of leaving. LoL. I'm a scientologist. I'm a member of The Second Church Of Christ Scientists here in New York City. Its changed my outlook on life dramatically and i truely love and enjoy it. I'm a Gemini to the core. I do not date asian women. I do not drink water and i don't trust anyone. I believe the worse and most dangerous thing in this world is wasted talent. I probably watched every movie in the world at least twice. I'm a huge fan of Astronomy. I don't drink nor do i smoke. I have a passion for waterfront houses. I love weird girls. My friend Osa thinks i'm crazy but i like girls with no butt and small boobs. I'm just different i guess. LoL =) I have no tolerence for pathetic and useless people. I have but a handful of friends. When i strongly dislike someone or anyone i'm competing against, i'll tape a picture of them to a tree and shoot it. Keep in mind i have a lot of competitors so i'm a pretty decent shot. Anything else you care to know, be my guest. Just don't waste my time..."

-bio of a guy who added me on the myspizzle (useless, useless site it is)

current mood: lol

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
8:08 pm - i didnt believe in ghosts until
yo yo yo
so listen to this
my mother goes, “were you here Saturday night without telling us?”
im like, “no, i was in manhattan, then went back to Westchester”
shes like, “because, it smelled like someone smoked a cigarette in the house, and the car smelled like pot...but the house AND car doors were locked so we were confused”
i go, “what do you mean it smelled like cigarette, where”
she goes, “when we woke up and walked out of the bedroom the dog was blatantly sniffing the air because she smelled something, and i smelled it too, it was cigarette smoke...and then i noticed the car smelled like pot….and later daddy brought it up by asking me if I I smoked in the car last night...I obviously didn't, did you?"
then I say, “naw mother, i was the farthest thing from home on Saturday night.”
shes like, "but the car smelled like pot! and we both smelled it! and the house smelled like cigarette and even the dog smelled it!!!"
I go “UHHHHH….?”

then i realized…didnt quigley sometimes be lonely on saturday nights?

yeah he would always call me and I’d be at work
and the fall, october and november, is when we used to chill…he lost his virginity in this house in fall of like 04
aww i know
yeah dude omg

So I go “He was probably lonely and was looking for me….I think he knew you couldn’t smoke cigarettes in the house but I think one time I let him”
and my dads like "no, no, no,,, ...its not,, ... a ghost,,,….thats bullshit "
but my mother totally straight up agrees with me
she goes "daddy's scared so hes saying he doesnt believe it "

theres no other explanation
you were in the city
that doesnt make any sense

the fact that there were 2 separate unexplained smells in a locked car/locked house, with no one having access to it and no one living in this town anyway….and that my dad mentioned the weed smell AFTER MY MOTHER NOTICED IT HERSELF
and the fact that the dog ALSO smelled the cigarette
first thing in the morning

omg the morning?
it was definitely!!!
hed walk around the block with a cig at like 6/7 am
i used to see him before i went to Suffolk, when id walk out to my car

dude omg

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
1:47 pm - <3

they disabled embedding? mais voici une autre chanson ke je trouve fantastique

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
10:50 pm - this is why im sponch

I'm really super obsessed with vampires

really? why?
do you like horror films because i hate them as much as salad, ive never watched one

no horror films are weird

i like to keep my brain free of unnecessary disturbing imagery thanks
and speaking of disturb Rihanna can keep that faggot Disturbia joint to herself, im good

wtf is tht shit about btw
why to all of her disturbia kick
I knoooow
she is wak

shits gay we were gonna make a parody "PREGNANCIA"


ok i have moved my laptop out of its clam position in the windowsill
i have to be literally in my window to type
but i am

okay well I mean that's awkward and is semi making me nervous so be careful I'm gona pretend you're sitting. on the floor. indian style. with a comforter. preferably a comforter that has nemo on it


current mood: laz0r monday

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008
4:49 pm - You know who I am
You know who I am.

Answers: C. Y;
Enneagram type is SIX (aka "The Loyalist").


SIXes are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes.

Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.

How to Get Along with Me:

Be direct and clear.
Listen to me carefully.
Don't judge me for my anxiety.
Work things through with me.
Reassure me that everything is OK between us.
Laugh and make jokes with me.
Gently push me toward new experiences.
Try not to overreact to my overreacting.

What I Like About Being a SIX:

being committed and faithful to family and friends
being responsible and hardworking
being compassionate toward others
having intellect and wit
being a nonconformist
confronting danger bravely
being direct and assertive

What's Hard About Being a SIX:

the constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind
procrastinating because of fear of failure; having little confidence in myself
fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of
exhausting myself by worrying and scanning for danger
wishing I had a rule book at work so I could do everything right
being too critical of myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations

SIXes as Children Often:

are friendly, likable, and dependable, and/or sarcastic, bossy, and stubborn
are anxious and hypervigilant; anticipate danger
form a team of "us against them" with a best friend or parent
look to groups or authorities to protect them and/or question authority and rebel
are neglected or abused, come from unpredictable or alcoholic families, and/or take on the fearfulness of an overly anxious parent

SIXes as Parents:

are often loving, nurturing, and have a strong sense of duty
are sometimes reluctant to give their children independence
worry more than most that their children will get hurt
sometimes have trouble saying no and setting boundaries


Take it; it's two questions. Be amazed.

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
10:28 pm - Compelling first lines are important

The beat is sicker than the blood in ya stool
The way it repeats could trick ya like a stuttering fool
Uttering butter king jewels
His mudda been cool
Schooled her how ta wash away the crud in the drool pool
Made his chrome dome glisten
At first he couldn't tell she had a chromosome missin
Kept a spare somewhere
In his underwear, he swear
It helped her get the gum out her hair
They need to get they thumb out they rears
And show some skills, the one time they come out in years
Instead of dumbin out in fears of they own shadow
In a game that swell 'em up to dead 'em like cattle
Take your rattle and skedaddle
Before you get a whippin with the pen and pad paddle
Ghouls, got em modeling gear
He came wit more rhymes than molecules in air

The track was like a thorn in his back
As for the rhymes, I'll give y'all fair warnin', it's crack
Whoever start to smokin, come back
Quit, or catch a heart attack up in some bum shack
Sharper than a thumb tack
His body was a temple made of chemicals to the dimple
To him, still it wasn't so simple
Kept his right and left hand beefin
One knockin teeth in, the other one chiefin
But first, the song'll make ya wanna stomp ya ten toes
Souped up hooptie Pinto off a pimp my whip
Before they put the system in and had it all stripped
It ain't no need to trip
Indeed he ripped scripts from here to Jebip
Get a grip, leave it a dag mess for beer
Burn it like a bag of schwag, cess in the air

-me and Sponchtaculus's most favoritest jam which seckle dropped @ kj mon

Edit...as a matter of fact..

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6:54 pm - at work
Shit son, I'd do anything for my new boss. I love that man.

Speaking of which, can someone sign up for this? Or repost this?
You would help my life.


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1:19 am - Today
I woke up in Yonkers at 10 AM having gone to bed at 5...my body was naturally shooting and shocking with crazo surges i couldn't explain, or maybe i kind of could, or will just attribute to a general feeling of electricity. i sang along with lady saw videos and admired my shocking post-konkrete Jungle afro, which looked very dramatic paired with slept-on black eyestuff. and i was reeling and pissing myself with my furry orange bearded roommate while he fixed himself cereal and shot the shit with me. then i started doing the dishes with a certain zeal and freestyling to myself, hence laughing to myself like a goony bird but I didn't care how crazy that sounded to anyone.

Then I got in my car and drove, slowed at the bridge cause they make you give them five dollars, then drove to exit 36 off the long island expressway cause that's where my mother works, she manages a designer boutique in the plein-air rich people mall. and she gave me a C note because i am between paychecks and thus must take handouts. Then I called Angela who was essentially like "lets hang out...oh wait i have to hang out with alex sutton. let's hang out later...oh wait i have to hang out with alex sutton till tomorrow and also tomorrow and the next day." and i aint slave to her schedule, of raping up alex suttons crotch and time and leaving my own crotch and time un-angela'd.

But its ok i got mad high with amie and we had an amazing day full of psychic moon ESP and occurrances. Such as simply sitting in downtown Port Jefferson by the ugly gold eagle statue "in rememberance of 9/11" smoking weeds from the cigarette bat and eating klonopins and drinking iced coffee with mocha while she let me put vitamin E oil in her hair.

Then wandering down the dock, a venezuelan poet man approached me whilst i was sunning myself and thinking about you, hence smiling with my eyes closed and legs crossed sitting with my back against the dock post and he said, it is rare in the state of new york to see someone so at peace. and i was already enthralled by his existence even before he started speaking with terrific passion from an educated place, telling stories of his life's journey and telling us what's good about Neruda and also about how he needed to hire a stewardess because hes a global chef on that world-exploring ship right there and the stewardesses get to go around the world with full health coverage and benefits. now mind you i am normally very mistrustful of middle aged men coming up to me and speaking, but he was negative 50 percent creepy (a huge compliment which i did bestow unto him later.) anyway when i said i couldnt be a world-traveling stewardess cause id JUST paid for an education in poetry he all but hocked up and spat a wonderful poem with so much energy i died and was staring smiling up in the sun like an idiot just soaking him in. he said you must be a very old soul and i said, when i was born a west indian nurse told my parents "this child...this child has been here before." he said he wasn't surprised.

On the way back on the dock i was so hyped i was talking FACE but amie said she didn't mind; and she doesn't mind ever because she is queen of klonopin and so chill, i can chatter all i want. Then we drove to our old high school, where we met in 2001 when i was 16 and she was 17, and it looked and smelled the same...and i spotted myself in the Class of 2002 group photo (I was blond and smiling naively) and also my name on the engraved plaques for who won the Art award each year. We were really incredulous to be in this memory-loaded place...and I said, remember how they'd sell us Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, and they had the all-brown ones and the ones with just macadamia? and we passed the very classroom where we met, which was Sociology, with Mr. Fiorelli because everyone is Italian, and we went in the cafeteria and stole a brilliant bright green poster saying "GOTTA GET SOME...OTIS SPUNKMEYER COOKIES" and depicting a black kid with dreads hugging a giant chocolate chip cookie. We rolled it up and walked out with it past some cursing spitting children on bikes. That's all I remember, and later I remember chatting with Sexy Lexy the miniscule tan girl who works in the pizzeria that's the nucleus of my town.

And that was Today
The end !

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Sunday, September 21st, 2008
3:43 pm - Draft
Cruel Year

Can't get up, can't eat, can't speak.
I'd stammer it all out to my mother,
but she'd worry.

There is always a "her" to worry about:
like spun-glass Aria who sobbed at Club Love,
wailing she felt ugly
as everyone shimmied around,
or gorgeous, jobless Angelica,
who cursed out her boyfriend
and friends for no reason,
then took benzos as a bandage.
and Anna, who had given her the benzos
cause they're chump change in her trove,
well she has this voice telling her to drive off a bridge, or
crawl under a bus.
Plus her mother hates her deeply.
My best friend Alaina's MS forced
her to move in with her mother
who actually tried to kill her.
"And I have pneumonia," she croaks on the phone.

And I'm worried, yes, about all of them,
but most of all about you,
who puked so much when I quit you in July,
and who still writes to me saying
"You're not my baby. You're not
a poet. You monster. You sad little girl,"
You whose birthday is today,
and whose old, soft green scrubs I stole
for my bed
for the coming cruel year.
I need you to know I can't sleep
without your husk
tucked between my neck and ear.

current mood: bad at this

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Sunday, September 14th, 2008
2:50 pm - MC Sponchtaculus quotes
ima eat a mothafuckin tootsie roll
bitch like you already know"
-MC Sponchtaculus

"touch my fuckin meowmeow"
-MC Sponchtaculus

"Oh my god I'm writing this like a poem!!! But I aint writin! I'm recitin'!"
-MC Sponchtaculus

"Get off get off I ain't bout to play that shit"
-MC Sponchtaculus

"What the fuck is a court snouse?"
-MC Sponchtaculus

-MC Sponchtaculus

"Like oh...oh...water is a conduit. Yo...yo...I'm spittin on some endless shit."
-MC Sponchtaculus

"Yo not like a call on the verizon network cuz that shit should be workin all the time like a damn twerk"
-MC Sponchtaculus

"I'ma touch her toe, and she gon be like yo, dont do that no mo', cuz it tickles."
-MC Sponchtaculus

"Like a blackbird...in a pie...4:20 blackbird baked in yuh mutha's eye."
-MC Sponchtaculus

current mood: giddy

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11:52 am - draft
Autumn get off you are hurting me.
Autumn I found August spasming, possessed.
Autumn I suspect you are the proprietor of August.
Autumn September is an awful person that hideous wretch.
Autumn why can't one avoid you.
Autumn with your yellow light fading.
Autumn with your silent N.
Autumn with your ruination of perfectly good oaks.
Autumn with your crueler schedules.
Autumn this is seriously not okay.
Autumn there is widespread discomfort.
Autumn please stop making messes on my street. Look at all this.
Autumn clean up all these clumps of wet leaves you left here and also those twigs on the grass.
Autumn don't force me to adopt your rhythm.
Autumn pumpkins are not enough to make a person glad for you.
Autumn some people don't find sweater weather quaint.
Autumn apples are not exactly something to look forward to.
Autumn your kids were bashing jack o lanterns beating each other with shaving cream cans. Or they were breaking out in hives waiting for the bus.
Autumn I am not done making art out of summer.
Autumn I am never ready when you come up behind me and say pencils down.
Autumn you are not the boss of me.
Autumn with your truncated days and ceaseless sighing.
Autumn I would go so far as to call you a jerk.
Autumn nothing is where it belongs.
Autumn I hate doing work.
Autumn I will hire guys to rake you away.
Autumn stop being so sick and not sorry.
Autumn if you're dying just get it over with.

current mood: discontent

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
6:34 pm
"Oh yeah what club do YOU guys go to? I don't think you're gonna make it to the club"

-exchange between drunken me and random lady on the santa monica pier.

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
2:12 pm
its weird tomorrow is my last day at mr. youth thats my identity for the past two years
corporate marketer. self-made copywriter. from the day i went up to the two head bosses and told them they need one.

and i did my thing and now ive got all this shit in the office...laminated credentials from Campus Philly in Fall '07, the green beads i wore with my absinthe fairy halloween costume. sandals i wore to Rock the Bells. the cheap dress i wore to the holiday party. three blankets, two pillows. cleanser from the Neutrogena One Less Stress campaign. box of business cards i never used. the dream dictionary Max got me for christmas. a burned CD from johnny that says "Too Loud for Interviews vol 2." The gnome anese gave me when i broke up and felt sad. The little wooden doll Sim brought back from Malaysia. Swag from last year's Collegefest. Rolled up copies of the Mountain Dew posters I wrote the copy for. A zillion post-its with art and words of encouragement. the colorful internal newsletters i was once inspired to write and publish. an extra box of 500 branded cardboard strips I'd had to fold into boxes and painstakingy fill with bubble-wrapped energy saving bulbs back when i did bitch work. yellow star keychain from the Pepperidge Farm pitch. aw and the birthday card they all made and signed, depicting me as prom queen.

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